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Woodbrook Landscapes are able to carry out and advise on all all aspects of garden maintenance. Using our expertise and commitment we can help you keep your garden looking its best all year round. We look after lawns, Advise on planting, keep bushes pruned, maintain water gardens… Whatever you need Woodbrook Landscapes Will be able to help

Expert Garden Care & Maintenance

At Woodbrook Landscapes, we excel in comprehensive garden maintenance and expert advice. Our commitment ensures your garden remains pristine throughout the year. From lawn care and strategic planting advice to precise bush pruning and water garden maintenance, we offer tailored solutions to elevate your outdoor space.

Our Services:

Lawn Perfection: Keeping your lawn vibrant and healthy year-round.
Strategic Planting Advice: Tailored guidance to enhance your garden’s beauty and functionality.
Precise Bush Pruning: Maintaining well-groomed bushes for a polished appearance.
Water Garden Maintenance: Care and upkeep of serene water features.
Why Partner with Us:

Expertise and Dedication: Our team’s expertise and unwavering commitment to garden care.
Comprehensive Solutions: We cover all aspects of garden maintenance, ensuring every detail is tended to with care.
Maintain Garden Brilliance:

Trust Woodbrook Landscapes to keep your garden thriving. Contact us for tailored garden maintenance solutions that elevate your outdoor haven.


We have developed an extensive and expert knowledge of planting over our years working in this industry. We can make your garden areas look superb throughout the seasons. We can advise on planting to support your local wildlife, planting to help reduce surrounding noise and even on planting to help keep certain pests away from your garden. Whatever your requirements get in touch to see how Woodbrook Landscapes can help.

Sustainable Planting & Green Landscaping

At Woodbrook Landscapes, our extensive expertise in planting spans years in the industry. We specialize in creating gardens that radiate beauty all year round. Our guidance doesn’t stop at aesthetics; we advise on planting to support local wildlife, reduce ambient noise, and naturally deter pests from invading your garden.

Our Expertise:

Year-Round Brilliance: Gardens designed to shine through every season, reflecting our mastery of planting.
Eco-Conscious Advice: Planting strategies tailored to benefit local wildlife, mitigate noise, and repel garden pests naturally.
Why Choose Us:

Expert Insights: Years of industry expertise and a deep understanding of sustainable planting practices.
Comprehensive Solutions: Beyond aesthetics, our plant recommendations serve multiple functions, ensuring a harmonious garden ecosystem.
Craft Your Green Haven:

Discover the beauty of sustainable planting with Woodbrook Landscapes. Contact us to explore how we can enhance your garden sustainably.


Woodbrook Landscapes landscapers in Leicester, Loughborough and Charnwood strive to create and install the perfect driveway to suit everybody’s needs. From pebbles to tarmac, block paving, concrete, ornate chippings or cobbles. All planning requirements with the local authorities are dealt with by us so all you have to do is choose the driveway material and we do the rest.

Tailored Driveways & Paving

Woodbrook Landscapes, serving Leicester, Loughborough, and Charnwood, is dedicated to crafting and installing your ideal driveway, designed to match diverse needs. Whether it’s pebbles, tarmac, block paving, concrete, ornate chippings, or cobbles, we’ve got you covered. Our team handles all planning aspects with local authorities, making your selection process effortless while we take care of the rest.

Our Expertise:

Custom Solutions: Driveway options tailored to your preferences, ensuring the perfect fit for your property.
Comprehensive Service: From material selection to installation, we manage the entire process seamlessly.
Why Partner with Us:

Local Expertise: Landscapers familiar with the nuances of Leicester, Loughborough, and Charnwood landscapes.
Effortless Experience: Sit back and choose your ideal driveway material while we handle the rest, ensuring a hassle-free process.
Transform Your Entrance:

Experience the ease of a tailored driveway with Woodbrook Landscapes. Contact us to transform your entryway hassle-free.


Woodbrook landscapes inspire to create unique structures within the garden environment, to suit all individual tastes and requirements. All individually designed and created from raw materials. Adding that little something special to your garden.

From outdoor kitchens, bbq’s, summerhouses and sheds. To stone walls, sculptures, bridges and rockery’s

Bespoke Garden Structures

At Woodbrook Landscapes, we’re driven to craft distinctive garden structures tailored to your unique vision. Each creation is meticulously designed and handcrafted from raw materials, adding that touch of magic to your garden.

Our Offerings:

Outdoor Oasis: From outdoor kitchens to BBQ areas, we specialize in creating functional and inviting spaces.
Artistic Elements: Stone walls, sculptures, bridges, and rockeries that elevate your garden’s charm.
Why Choose Us:

Individualized Excellence: Custom designs reflecting your tastes and needs, brought to life by skilled artisans.
Personalized Touch: Structures that infuse character and uniqueness into your garden space.
Elevate Your Garden’s Charm:

Discover the allure of bespoke garden structures with Woodbrook. Contact us to bring your vision to life.


Inclusive Access & Security

At Woodbrook Landscapes, we ensure all spaces are welcoming and secure. Our tailored solutions break barriers while integrating advanced security measures seamlessly.

What We Offer:

Accessibility Design: Customized ramps and adaptations for barrier-free spaces.
Enhanced Security: Innovative technology prioritizing safety without compromising accessibility.
Why Choose Woodbrook:

Expertise & Empathy: Technical know-how coupled with a deep understanding of diverse needs.
Universal Vision: Solutions surpassing compliance standards for universally accessible spaces.
Partner with Us:

Collaborate with us to create secure, inclusive environments. Contact Woodbrook Landscapes today.


Tranquil Water Gardens by Woodbrook

Immerse yourself in serenity with Woodbrook’s Water Garden Services. Let us craft a haven where water dances and tranquility reigns.

Our Expertise:

Bespoke Designs: Tailored water features curated to elevate your space.
Natural Harmony: Enchanting ponds and streams that blend seamlessly with nature.
Why Choose Us:

Artistry Unleashed: Craftsmanship that transforms visions into serene realities.
Enduring Beauty: Timeless water gardens that captivate and soothe.
Dive into Serenity:

Discover the allure of water gardens with Woodbrook. Contact us today.


Elegant Patios & Hard Landscaping

Elevate your outdoors with Woodbrook’s expert touch. Our Patios & Hard Landscaping services redefine outdoor living with timeless elegance and durable craftsmanship.

What We Offer:

Tailored Designs: Customized patios and hardscape features reflecting your style.
Enduring Quality: Robust materials ensuring long-lasting beauty.
Why Choose Us:

Craftsmanship Excellence: Artisans transforming landscapes into stunning outdoor retreats.
Timeless Appeal: Designs that stand the test of time, blending functionality with aesthetics.
Create Lasting Impressions:

Experience the beauty of tailored patios and hard landscaping. Contact Woodbrook today.


Wood brook landscapes also offers a lawn care service. Over the years we have created from scratch and enhanced gardens for customers in the Loughborough leics and Charnwood area, many of which have employed us to care for not only the garden plants but also the lawned area of the garden. We are now offering these services to any customers who wish to truly transform there lawn’s. All lawns are inspected and treated on Merritt with the treatments required at that time, with follow up treatments available as required. Specialist advice can be given to customers by us to try to create the lawn that is desired.

Treatments include | Fertilizer (according to the growing stage) | Weed control | Moss kill & prevention | Scarification | Aeration | mowing

Tailored Lawn Transformation

Woodbrook Landscapes extends its expertise to offer dedicated lawn care services. Over the years, we’ve not only crafted but also enhanced gardens across Loughborough, Leics, and Charnwood. Now, we’re opening up our exceptional lawn care services to all seeking a true transformation for their lawns.

Our Approach:

Meticulous Inspection: Every lawn undergoes a thorough assessment to determine necessary treatments.
Tailored Treatments: From fertilization to weed control, moss prevention, scarification, aeration, and precise mowing, we offer treatments tailored to your lawn’s needs.
Why Choose Us:

Proven Expertise: Years of experience in crafting and maintaining lush lawns in the area.
Customized Solutions: Tailored advice and treatments to realize your desired lawn vision.
Transform Your Lawn:

Experience the difference with Woodbrook Landscapes. Contact us for personalized lawn care that elevates your outdoor space.

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